• Bio

    I was born in Colorado and raised in Wyoming, spending most of my youth involved in sports, hunting and fishing, and loving the outdoors and nature.

    I also had a hunger for people and places unknown to me, and was sent on a Rotary Club fellowship to Portoviejo, Ecuador for a year during high school, where I fell in love with the language and culture.

    College was spent perfecting a fluency in Spanish and expanding knowledge of Latin American Studies at the University of Kansas. It was completed by study abroad at the University of Costa Rica, where I first started to explore photography.

    After returning to the U.S., roughly a year was spent continuing to pursue photography while making ends meet.

    A newspaper in northern Colorado offered me an internship that led to a staff position with a start up Spanish language product where I worked as a photographer and reporter. It was there that my background in language and culture had impact that led to journalism that previously had been under-reported or unknown. It also provided a foundation for writing.

    In 2006, I took my first job at a daily newspaper at the Arizona Daily Star in Tucson, Ariz.

    In 2010 I joined the staff of the San Diego Union-Tribune where I worked as a photographer and multimedia journalist.

    In the spring of 2014 I made the move to Austin, Texas where I currently serve as Deputy Director of Video and Photography at the Austin American-Statesman.